Katya Buresh is a writer of poetry and literary criticism living in Maryland. A graduate of Towson University, where she studied Music and English, her writing has been published in, or is forthcoming from the Los Angeles Review of Books, BOMB, Ligeia Magazine, G*MOB, and other publications.

Katya works as a publicity associate for the Santa Fe Writers Project and was the senior editor and poetry editor of Grub Street Literary Magazine, Volume 70. She also organizes and facilitates virtual poetry workshops, which she loves, because being in community with other writers is one of the best things ever. If you’ve any interested in participating in a future workshop, please feel free to email!

Katya’s writing is often informed by the natural world, spirituality, and her struggles with chronic physical and mental illness. As a reader and editor, she values work that is honest and unapologetic, musical and gritty. If you find yourself with a bit of free time, she recommends you check out some of her favorite literary magazines: A Velvet Giant, the Believer, Ligeia Magazine, and Diagram.